The Metropole Thu Thiem – The place where you can enjoy sweeping, 180-degree views toward District 1’s growing skyline over the Saigon River

Wake up in the cozy room and you can observe the beauty of the peaceful version of Saigon through large window, which also draw in fresh breeze and ample natural light. Strolling down greenery garden and indulge in the stunning riverview infinity lap pool to enjoys the charming ambience, where the water rim, the skyline and Saigon river become one. Leaving all the worries in the water flow and recharge the freshen energy to start your brighten day. After that, clothe yourself with the tailored suite which smelled faintly of thyme, cedarwood, and patchouli then accelerate your car from your home toward the busy central of District 1 through Thu Thiem bridge 2, the one connect Thu Thiem New Urban Area with Ton Duc Thang street in around 1.5km. If you don’t want to get stuck with the crowds, walking works the best. There are the pathways connect riverside park and Central Plaza retail links from which you can walk across the other side of Saigon river through the first pedestrian bridge in Saigon. No more than 500m and 5 walking minutes, you arrive the golden center of Saigon with Nguyen Hue, Dong Khoi street where the luxury branded products are beckoning.

As the sun was fading, the high ceiling window of every apartment in the Metropole Thu Thiem reflecting the tranquility of the colorful central of District 1; together with delighted lights of beloved events, concerts from the New City Opera House and Convention Center, all create brilliant night sky just outside your room.

In The Metropole Thu Thiem – New metropolis of Saigon, every moment is an invitation to brighten your life.


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